Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I KNOW I KNOW...It has been a while...

Little Conner...is so sweet and cute..he and I share a birthday...he is 3 years old!!

Marshall just turned 4 in April and she is the cutest...so sweet!!
Josie is 16 months and a mess, but also so sweet!!
James is 5 and is ALL BOY!!! Fun to be with and fully of energy!!
Abigail is almost 11 and is like a sister to me( so yes we fight some) So sweet and fun to be with! Wallace will be 2 in July....so sweet and makes me laugh all the time!!!

Honestly I have not had anything to update about... I need to start carrying my camera again because I honestly don't have any new pics to give you guys....We were able to go to Jonesboro this past weekend and book a photographer and I really look forward to using Dodie Peterson...she just seemed really excited about what she does and had a done a lot of great weddings!! We picked out the tuxes and looked at a place called "The Station" for rehearsal dinner and it looks really nice....I need help on the whole decorating the reception thing so I will have to go back to Jonesboro soon to figure all that out!! That part just stresses me out!!! My dad has done a really great job as my wedding planner and I know that he is just loving it!! (I will let you all know if he is going to take this up for a side job! HA!)
I do have a few pictures of my little ones that will be in the wedding......My 2 nephews James and Wallace and Chris's nephew Conner will be the little guys in the wedding...and the 2 little girls that I nanny for, Marshall and Josie, will be little flower girls!! Josie and Wallace are a little young so we will just have to see how that goes!! Should be fun...I wouldn't have it any other way!!


Brian, Jamie, Molly & Sarah said...

Yeah, and update!! Oh my you are going to have some CUTE kiddos in your wedding!

Jennifer said...

Looks like things are coming along nicely. I am having a hard time picturing your dad as "wedding planner." Can you picture daddy lance planning a wedding?.....that would be scary. Can't wait to hear more.

Rebecca Fowler said...

Thanks for the update...it's about time! I think you need to share pictures of the garden! And i love Marshall's swim suit...do they make that in my size?

klhodges27 said...

Ok so I have started a blog and I have no clue what I am doing or how I add you are anyone else to my little blog page! HELP ME!!! Anyway I am super pumped about the wedding!! Can't wait to hear more! Oh and I understand the Mississippi State fan thing. It's a sickness that has taken over most of this state!!!