Thursday, October 2, 2008

Finally some updates!!!

I have finally taken the time to update about the end of my summer and some showers that took place so be sure and look down at many new posts!!!
Many people say I need to update on my wedding plans!! We went home this past weekend and did some more of the planning and details. I am not one to deal with the details and small things so this was good to get out of the way and I know there is more of that to come!! We have picked the food and we actually met with Russ tonight about the ceremony and that seems to be coming together... so slowly but surely this is all coming together! Invitations should go out as soon as my parents return from vacation!! I totally put them in charge of that because I could not handle it!! HA!! I bought Chris's ring last night and I go this Saturday for my first fitting with my dress!! My bridal portrait is just 3 weeks from Saturday! I think I have finally found the cake I want and will meet with MommaDonna this weekend about that!! Other than that I am working a lot and attending a wedding every weekend... I have some more showers coming up so that will be fun!! I will update more on that soon!!
For now just keep Chris and I in your prayers as we continue this journey to our big day!! I can't wait!!!!

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