Thursday, July 17, 2008


I am little behind on my blogging... things have been busy with traveling and working....but I didn't want to leave out my fiance's birthday!! His birthday was July 4th so we headed down to Mississippi on the 3rd to spend time with his family....We had a great time with everyone...the 4th Charlene and Todd(Chris's brother and sis-in-law) had us over for BBQ with her family.....That night Chris and I along with his friend Matt went bowling... Chris and I have become addicted to bowling and are ready to challenge anyone! HAHA!! Then after that the 4th would not be complete without fireworks... so Chris, Matt and I picked up fireworks to take home and Matt and Chris put on a show for all of us!!

Chris being a little goofy with the sparklers....I think he was making fun of me!!

This is Chris's mom and nephew Conner...Conner didn't really like the loud noise...

Charlene's niece, Juliana, and Conner

Chris being goofy again.... what a face!!!

Chris and I bowling.. this is the only pic I got of us!!

This is right before he bowled a strike!!! He is getting good!!!

Big Boys like to play too.....

Matt playing too.....

Maybe I can get caught on blogging.....I have done some more wedding planning so I will update soon!

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