Monday, September 22, 2008

My First Shower

August 17th was my first wedding shower and it was at my home church....Southwest Church of Christ.....It was a beautiful day and the ladies made it such a wonderful shower.

This first pic is all the ladies that helped with this shower...Most of them have known me my whole life and are really special people to me... Aren't those flowers beautiful???

My friends Amy and Brandy and that is Brandy's little boy..Jack

This if for you look so happy!!

This was Chris and I at my parents before the shower

Chris's mom and my mom...

At the shower...

I got a lot of great things!! I was opening the whole time!!

Whitney's mom helping me out!!

Great friends having fun!!

Thank you everyone that helped and that stopped by and for all the gifts!! What a fun shower!!!


Polly said...

Thanks Julie! Appreciate it!

Amy said...

You really had a great shower. I want to know where you put all the stuff you got!

becca said...

I love you outfit! You look so pretty :) Miss you!

Stacy said...

Love a good southwest shower!! what fun to catch up with everyone-wish I could have come!