Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Little Cabin in the Woods....

The last weekend in July we spent time at my Aunt Connie and Uncle Dave's Cabin with my family and we had a great time.. we did it last year too....it is on the Buffalo River and is so much fun...just to relax and live without cell phones and computers!! These are just a few of the good pictures I took over the weekend....it is fun to see the kids having fun and being all together is always great!

Dad always does a devo on the porch on Sunday morning and it is nice to see the kids get into it...here is James leading singing(just kidding, but I am not sure what he is doing HA)

My cousin Mattie was able to come spend the night with Abigail...they are about 2 years apart and have a great time together!!

This is Chris and I Relaxing on the river...this was my favorite part of the weekend....and then there is James entertaining us all!

If James was not entertaining then Jon would jump in...far left is him dancing to Hannah Montana with the girls...too funny! And him swinging the nephews!!

Wallace would always fall asleep in the swing on the porch in the afternoon....too cute! James officially loves Chris more than me!!

Did I mention how cute Wallace is?? He loved playing down by the river.... and then tubing was also a favorite... Jon and James were having a lot of fun!!!
Wedding plans are coming along pretty good....We are about to have our first shower and get some engagement pictures made....more to come on all that!!!

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