Thursday, May 8, 2008

Fun Times with Friends...

Jon, Chris and I... Jon is always so good to his little sister!
Erica and I got engaged within about a month of each other...we are both very excited about getting to plan all this fun stuff is fun to have a best friend going through the same thing as you ...this summer and fall is going to fun!!
My Fiance...
Thank goodness for girlfriends... I love you guys! Erica..not sure why she is making that face!
Becca and I ... isn't she beautiful!! long time childhood friend that has been with me from when we were high school graduation and then on to college in Nashville and now she has left me for Texas!! HA!! I love you girl!
No new wedding plans yet...I need to get on that!! My wonderful parents are working hard at home to get a photographer and a few other things set. My mom and I may be going to look at wedding dresses this weekend.. so wish me LUCK!!! HA!

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Rebecca Fowler said...

GOOOOODDD LUCK!!! That is so exciting! I would wish you luck to your face BUT since someone never answers the phone nor do they return a phone call...I CAN'T! You know i'm just joking with you! Love you very much! Still so very excited for you!!